West Gardiner, Maine
Store: (207) 724-3940
Diner: (207) 724-7301


6/24/2015 - Half Pig Sale
In this economy, who couldn't use a little extra savings?
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6/24/2015 - Links to Popular Recipe Websites
Links to Popular Recipe Websites
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6/24/2015 - Daily Diner Specials
Our diner has a special for every day of the week!
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6/24/2015 - Local links the high school sports
Your local connection to high school sports
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6/24/2015 - Fuller's BBQ Sauce
Be sure to try all of the great new flavors of Fuller's own BBQ Sauce!
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6/24/2015 - Scot's Gourmet Sausage
Homemade Sausage
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6/24/2015 - Fuller's Homemade Jerky
Come in to try our homemade jerky!
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6/24/2015 - A Great Selection of Party Platters for all Occasions.
Let us do the work for your home or office party. We would be glad to help you with all of your catering needs -- Large or Small!
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